1997 OM-28VR  -  $1950
   Since I almost always sell VINTAGE Martins, I was very curious to get my hands on this “Vintage Series” guitar. I guess I wasn’t too surprised at how it played and sounded, because everything Martin does they do with excellence.

  This 1997 OM-28VR is in excellent condition. I would say mint, but to me that means basically never played. The few minor dings and scratches on this are so small and hard to see, that I couldn’t even capture them on camera. You have get up very close to see minor marks at all. It is super clean.

  The neck is really nice and smooth, feels like home the first time you play it. The sound is very balanced and full. This has a much deeper sound than I expected, those scalloped braces really are amazing.  

  The top is spruce and the sides and back are East Indian rosewood. The fret board and bridge are ebony. The nut is 1 3/4”. I’ve attached a picture that has all of the specs from straight off the Martin site.

  You might wonder about the VR part of the model number. Martin started their OM-28V series with an R after the V, and then later changed it to an S after the V. They are identical.  

  The only work this guitar has ever had was when a Martin authorized specialists addressed a tiny hairline crack in the top below the bridge. There is one picture below where I tried to show it.  

  The picture of the whole guitar above and then the one of with it in it’s case below show the true color of the top best.  

  I don’t believe you will find a less expensive one of these out there, in any kind of condition. This OM-28V is a quality made guitar that plays and sounds awesome. 

  If you want to buy it, just email me at Russ@Martinvintageguitars.com and let me know!
Below is a video of me playing this 1997 Martin OM-28VR.  For the most accurate and realistic sound, use an HDMI cord to hook up your computer to play through your TV’s sound system.